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A Guide to Financially Savvy Divorce in Colorado with an Expert Divorce Attorney

Updated: 03/19/2024

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Going through a divorce is mentally and physically taxing, but it can also wreak havoc on your finances. If you’re beginning the proceedings of a divorce or are currently in the throes of a divorce, the more informed you are about the financial aspect, the better. 

Hiring an expert divorce attorney is one of the smartest investments you can make during a divorce. This individual can handle all the day-to-day tasks so you can focus on processing everything, taking care of your family, and planning for the future.

Let’s discuss how you can properly handle your finances during a divorce to protect the promise of the future for you and your family. 

Prioritizing Financial Stability During a Divorce in Colorado

It’s important to understand that every divorce case is different because every couple is unique. Whether you have children or significant assets to split, divorces can take anywhere from 3 months to over a year (typically for more complex cases). 

Because the duration of a divorce is hard to predict, it’s critical to plan accordingly with your finances. Here are some recommendations and tips for prioritizing your finances for the long term. 

Be frugal

As tempting as it might be, going through a divorce is not the time to make big purchases. Save any extra money you earn to put away for attorney and court fees that you’ll owe down the road. The more you can save now, the more comfortable you’ll be later on. 

Take note of all your assets

You can’t prioritize your finances if you don’t know where you stand going into a divorce. Determine your cash flow, savings, all assets, equity, and more. Also, know your loan statuses, any debts, bills, and your household’s (you and your spouse’s) income. 

Seek financial advice

Whether you’re the money manager in your marriage or not, seeking the support and guidance of a financial expert is worth the investment. A financial advisor can take a look at your finances, make suggestions and recommendations, and help you see the bigger picture of what you need to do in the coming months to take care of your expenses, fees, and savings. 

Be prepared to compromise 

As you navigate splitting up your livelihood, be prepared to negotiate the things that really matter to you and compromise on the things that you can. Everyone will lose money in the divorce, so be open to the situations and scenarios where you are comfortable taking a loss. 

Make sacrifices

If you aren’t careful, you will feel the financial sting of a divorce much longer than the emotional one. Whether you have to decide to sell your home or other important assets or simply downsize for the time being, be prepared to make those sacrifices to protect your finances for the long haul. 

How Much is a Divorce?

The final cost of a divorce can range from $500 on the low end to over $20,000. It all depends on attorney fees, court costs, mediation fees, and many other factors. Because the cost of a divorce can range so drastically, hiring a Colorado divorce law firm is essential to ensure your finances stay intact. 

Protect Your Finances with an Expert Divorce Attorney in Colorado

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