Family Law Firm in Colorado Springs, CO

At The Law Office of Jeanne M. Wilson & Associates, PC family law is what we do. Divorce, custody, parental rights, restraining orders, father’s rights, step-parent adoptions, and even grandparent rights are part of our daily practice of law. We understand that going through a divorce or child custody case can be a frightening and worrying time for you and your family. Not only are we one of the top family lawyers and divorce attorneys in Colorado Springs, but we also understand the feelings of anxiety, fear, and frustration that you face when taking a case to court.

Dedicated Family Law Attorneys

If you are looking for a divorce attorney in Colorado Springs that you can trust, we are here to help! Bring your case to an experienced family lawyer and leave your worry and apprehension at the door. We will handle all aspects of your case, so that you can concentrate on maintaining your health, confidence, and your family’s well-being. You will be okay—we promise—and you will have peace again in your relationships and with your family.

Colorado Springs family lawyer, Jeanne M. Wilson, has devoted her life to helping individuals during the difficult divorce process. She leads a dedicated team and takes the time to truly listen and understand how each situation is unique and what her Clients need to succeed in their family law case. Her tough love and get-real approach, along with decades of experience handling tough cases, help her Clients find the strength they need to thrive and come out of this ordeal stronger and happier.

Taking a family law case to court can be very difficult. Consider hiring an experienced family lawyer and divorce attorney to provide legal counsel and to guide you through the process.