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One of the major core foundations in a parent and child relationship is love. However, in order to raise a child, a parent or guardian will need more than love. If the well-being of the child, their health, education, and growth are to be maintained parents need financial resources for their children. It is the responsibility of the parent to ensure that their child has these financial resources. A Colorado Springs child support lawyer will be able to help with the issue of responsibility allocation in terms of financial support and it is a highly contentious topic during a divorce.

According to the laws in Colorado, each parent has a right and responsibility to provide financial support to their child since it is a basic need. The court always weighs the earnings of both parents in order to consider how much child support should be paid.

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How is Child Support Determined in Colorado?

The Colorado child support guidelines are present in order to ensure that the parent of the child continues to offer joint support to the minor financially. In Colorado, there are two important factors that are used to calculate and evaluate how child support is going to be allocated.

One of the factors considered when making child support calculations is the number of children that the spouses have and the other is both their incomes. Both parents’ child support obligation is initially calculated based on their monthly income level. However, adjustments are made based on various based on specific childcare costs. The specific child care costs are inclusive of educational costs, health insurance, medical expenses, and any other specific child care costs.

It is possible for couples to choose to create a child support agreement on their own instead of depending on the court to decide for them. Even so, it is important to keep in mind that the court will always make a final decision on the child custody agreement based on the child’s best interest. And so if a couple while making a child support agreement deviates from the child support guideline of the state a judge may not approve the agreement.

Can Colorado Child Support Orders Be Modified?

It is important to note that if there are any potential child support modifications that need to be made a child support order can be reviewed at any time and changes made. There are a variety of reasons that an individual may want to request for child support orders to be modified. Some of the reasons for modification of child support are:

  • One of the parent’s incomes has changed.
  • The last time that the child support order was reviewed was 3 years ago.
  • A change in the cost of raising the child, this can be daycare, education, or health care expenses.
  • The number of times or parenting time that the child or children are staying with the other parent has increased.
  • The child is no longer living with the parent receiving child support payment.
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If your review is to be considered you should make sure that the child support review is written at the country child support office that is responsible for your case. In the request, you should include why you want the modifications to be made and present any supporting documents for your case.

After the review has been done there are several decisions that can be made. Child support following the review can remain the same, be increased or reduced. Also, you should note that it can take months for child support to be reviewed and changed. An order modification lawyer can help ensure that changes to child support.

How Long Do Child Support Payments Last in Colorado?

In most states, the law states that child support payments should end when a child reaches the age of 18. However, things are a little different in the state of Colorado. Child support payments according to Colorado Law basically continue up until when a child is 19 years old. In Colorado 19 years is generally the age of emancipation. Even as this is the case there are exceptions and child support payments can still be made even after the child is above the age of 18 years.

Below are some of the exceptions to the rule;

  • Child support payments can still be made if a child is above the age of 19 if they are mentally or physically disabled or both.
  • A child is emancipated if they get married below the age of 19. However, child support payments can still be reinstated if the marriage is annulled or comes to an end.
  • Joining the military before one is 19 years can lead to emancipation and the child support payments will no longer be made to the noncustodial parent.

The child support laws in Colorado are complex and it is important to speak to an experienced child support attorney so you get advice and ask any child support questions that you have in your mind. You can talk to a legal expert from The Law Office of Jeanne M. Wilson & Associates today.

What is Child Support Supposed to Cover?

Child support in Colorado covers various expenses. Child support covers;

  • The child’s food
  • Education and school expenses.
  • Clothes
  • extracurricular expenses
  • Health insurance costs/ medical costs
  • Housing (rent or mortgage)
  • Utility bills.

Child support contributes to the child-related expenses incurred in the place where the child resides

What Can You Do if Child Support is Not Being Paid?

It is important for you to pay your child support financial obligations on time. Unpaid child support means that you will have a balance and it will continually accumulate until you pay the balance in full. In fact, an interest can be added to the child support balance that you already have.

When the non-custodial parent does not pay the full amount or fails to pay child support at all Child Support Service Program work towards enforcing the order. This can be done through an administrative order or via family court actions. If your financial situation changes and may result in late payments to request modification.

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