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Father’s Rights - Father's Deserve Same Legal Protection as Mother's

Updated: 05/04/2023

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“Father’s rights” is a popular phrase used by law firms and custody attorneys, but it is no more a “right” than “Mother’s rights”. The term “Father’s rights” is, however, more of an idea that Fathers deserve the same legal protections for their custody rights as Mothers. It encompasses the idea that Fathers have the same importance in the lives of their Children as Mothers; and, that Courts should always recognize Fathers as equal to Mothers when deciding custody of Children. Colorado Courts and almost every Judge in Colorado recognizes this concept—and for that, Colorado is progressive and fortunate.

Once Fathers and Mothers are seen as equally important, then the Court can start to decide the parenting time schedule. Just because someone is the Mother of a Child, does not mean that the Mother gets special treatment—or that the Mother should always be the primary Parent. While historically, Mothers fulfilled the role of primary caregiver for their Children, today that historic role is no longer viable nor necessarily desirable.

Fathers are just as essential to the well-being of their Children—including emotional, physical, spiritual, developmental and financial well-being--as Mothers. Children who have an involved Father and Mother who love them, participate in their daily life, provide the financial and physical comforts and necessities and work to educate their Children in academics as well as life experiences are lucky Children who can grow to be self-assured, kind and empathetic adults, bound for happiness and success. This is precisely why Jeanne Wilson believes in Father's rights in divorces and respects both sides of a legal separation when children are involved.

Whether the Father or Mother are more suited to be the primary Parent or whether a 50/50 parenting time plan would benefit a Child should be the Court’s inquiry. The Father may be more of a “hands -on” caregiver than the Mother and the Child may be more bonded with the Father than the Mother. The Father’s work schedule may be more flexible, and better allow for parenting time, affording Father the status of primary Parent—rather than the historically limited role as a visiting Parent.

Recognizing these scenarios as equally probable to the Mother being automatically appointed the primary Parent, means the Court understands family dynamics and understands what Children need and want to live a happy and fulfilling life. Children don’t often know what they want or need in the throes of what feels like their family disintegrating. What is best? A strong presence of BOTH Parents is always best; and, Parents who work together to insure they remain part of their Children’s daily lives, are rewarded with happy, healthy Children and the knowledge that their sacrifice and effort succeeded. Father's rights in divorces should be respected in every case. Let your top child custody attorney in Colorado Springs help you today!

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