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Should I Get a Lawyer for Child Support?

Updated: 05/04/2023

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If you have questions about if you should get a lawyer for child support then call an experienced Colorado Springs child support attorney today and let our firm help secure a better future for you and your child. You don't have to go through the process alone, our team is here to help every step of the way.

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What Are the Advantages of Hiring a Lawyer for Child Support?

If you're in Colorado, getting a divorce requires that you meet certain conditions and present them to a court. To make sure it goes smoothly, it's recommended to hire a lawyer that can represent your needs and can make sure everyone is on the same page.

When determining the amount of child support to be paid, factors such as the child's pre-divorce standard of living, their needs, and associated costs, the custodial care, etc. child support payments, commonly referred to as child maintenance, is a regular payment made by the noncustodial parent to the other parent when the parents have split up or gone through a divorce.

woman filling out child support worksheet with her daughter

Child support payments are based on the number of children and income of one or both parents, with a detailed payment plan set out monthly. The father may be eligible for a credit on their monthly child support if they cover the cost of childcare for the year.

Do I Need to Hire a Child Support Lawyer?

Hiring a lawyer is not necessary but is recommended for a child support case but it can be beneficial in certain circumstances. This is especially true if you and your spouse are divorcing or in a custody battle, as lawyers can help negotiate terms of custody and support.

FAQ: How can I get primary custody of my child after a divorce?

When couples have disputes, it might be necessary for a judge to intervene and decide on the matter. Having legal representation can help you get a better result. Not attending interviews, hearings or legal proceedings is a form of non-cooperation and can result in the sanctioning of your public assistance benefits.

Under What Circumstances is it Necessary to Hire a Lawyer?

In complicated child support cases, such as those involving divorce or separation, a divorce lawyer in Colorado Springs is often needed. Every situation can be different and requires a unique solution; however, here we will go over some reasons why it may be beneficial to hire an experienced attorney for your case.

  1. You may require legal assistance if you wish to have the non-custodial parent pay for tuition fees for a high school your child wishes to attend. This may be far in the future, yet both sides must have a lawyer present to support their argument in court.
  2. Colorado mandates that parents pay child support until the child is 19 years of age, though there are a few circumstances in which payment requirements extend beyond that. If the child has not finished high school by 19, support payments must be made until they are 21. In instances where a child is mentally or physically impaired, payment plans will be different and may require legal help to understand and operate within the state's regulations.
  3. If you are a mother in Colorado, you should know that the father isn't automatically responsible for payment plans even though you are the mother. It depends on each parent's salary and it is best to consult with a lawyer before entering court.

Advantages of Working with a Child Support Lawyer

By discussing a few examples, we hope to give you a better understanding of why legal counsel is usually recommended. Hiring an experienced attorney is especially important when it comes to divorce, as issues such as child support can make the process more complicated.

With their prior experience handling similar cases, they can better understand and navigate your situation no matter how complex it might be. Here, we will discuss the advantages you get when you engage a lawyer and why it is often suggested.

Knowledge of the Court System

Navigating the court can be complex, so if you don't have an experienced lawyer, it may be confusing. A lawyer can ensure that the necessary steps are taken to manage the situation in court adequately and also explain to you what is entailed with Colorado's child support laws before attending your hearing.

gavel with a piece of paper that reads child support, get a lawyer for child support

Knowing beforehand could prove beneficial as an attorney can help you determine an estimated payment plan. Until the final custody judgment is passed, you can be denied your visitation rights. 

Your Partner May Have a Lawyer

If your situation is complex and it's not possible for you to communicate effectively with your partner, going before them in court without legal representation could be a decision you'll regret later. To make sure this doesn't happen, having an attorney on your side is very important and beneficial.

Parental Custody and Financial Assistance

By having a lawyer to assist you with both situations, they will be more familiar with all of the details needed to win your case. This is why these two matters need to go hand in hand and the decision for one may influence the other. It is your right to have necessary custody agreements.

FAQ: How long does a divorce typically take in Colorado?

There is never a good or bad way to have a custody agreement. Determining parental custody and financial assistance will help figure out health insurance and education expenses for the child. This duty usually goes to the parent given physical custody of the minor child.

Modification Cases

When it comes to child support, it is recommended to enlist help from a lawyer. Even if you are understanding with your partner at the time of initial proceedings, things may arise where modifications to court-ordered child support need to be made. Having access to legal help can be beneficial in these scenarios.

Parents in both non-custodial and custodial situations may need to adjust their payment plans. A court may agree if the non-custodial parent has lost a job permanently or for other legitimate reasons, while the custodial parent can seek an increase in payments if their ex-spouse's income has significantly risen since separation.

Having a lawyer to discuss your case and represent you in court can be beneficial, even if the judge does not make the decision you desire.

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